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“The fact that, in the United States, there are people serving ten-year prison terms for growing marijuana plants in their backyards while Wall Street racketeers, who have defrauded millions of people and destroyed the global economy, walk free is a kind of bizarre hypocrisy that boggles my mind.” .. (attributed to Mark Haskell Smith) .. (story here)


refers to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, a Boeing 777 with 295 passengers aboard, being shot down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday afternoon with everyone aboard believed to have been killed .. (story here)
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The American Dream is Dead


I think there’s a deep crisis in this country and throughout much of the Western world. You don’t have to look far to see it. It’s a crisis of the individual. Most of us, including myself, grew up on a culture of consumerism. We’ve had the fantasy drilled into us through television, magazines, and…


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A striking difference between the U.S. and French political culture.
By now, you might have heard that the current French President, Francois Hollande, has been caught having an affair with a French actress in Paris.
What is interesting is that no media or political parties in France are currently asking the French President to resign for this. In the contrary, a large part of the political landscape expresses “outrage” towards the publication which exposed the affair in the first place claiming that it had interfered with the private life of the President. 
In the U.S., this situation would be unthinkable. Citizens would ask for explanations, politicians would have to immediately appear in a press conference and political parties would enter in a bitter fight. In most cases, the politician involved in the scandal would need to resign.
A striking difference in culture, don’t you think?

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